Consultation activities

Group consultation

It is a group consultation activity by multiple mentors. The number of participants also varies, but 5 to 10 of those who want to have consultation would participate and they talk about each other’s problems in raising children. There are areas where experts such as staffs of developmental disables support center and mentors are working together, and some areas are active in a relaxing atmosphere such as styles from cafe to tea ceremony. Depending on the region, there are also places where there are a fewer people and individual consultants. They are giving the maximum consideration to the privacy and the confidentiality of the consulting contents.

Sub-staff for parental trainings

Parent Mentor may participate as a sub-staff in parental training for parents of children with developmental disabilities. As there are various methods of parental training, it is mainly a program to learn and talk about, and it is also a place where participants can have connections with each other. At such a place, Mentor introduces supportive items which are actually used by him/her and talks about an experience.

Telephone counseling

Some areas offer counseling activities on a phone. In the reality, few areas have their own telephone lines, so there are no many areas where telephone consultation is not offered.

Enlightenment activities

We also carry out activities aimed to parents and mentors with the goal of assisting children and adults with developmental disorders and their families. There are regions dedicated to create a society where it is easy for children with developmental disorders to live in. Share experiences at the children raising course.
Hear the personal experience of those receiving medical treatment at the medical course. Hear out the feelings of the people involved at the college classes.
Experience quasi-lessons at the grade school classes.

*The grade school classes are carried out in a sensitive, careful and professional manner towards all its participants.

Courses for creating support books

Parents and mentors are working to give advice and help create self-made support books that will mainly help guardians take care of their children.
The support book is one of the tools that will help in assisting children with impediments. They possess a variety of writing styles, places of use and techniques to apply. The creation of support books has the objective of covering matters such as how to maintain the minimum amount of safety required when the guardian is not present, how to improve communication when meeting new people, etc.
In addition to creating a support book, it is also important to remember that knowing the child well is necessary to aid the communication with others. The writing course is not intended to solely create a nicely done book, it also aims to turn this into an opportunity to help the author see the child in a new light.
We also carry out courses aimed to the recipients of the support books (nursery schools, regular schools, plants, working places, etc.) for further promoting the understanding of the matter.