Local Parent Mentor Organization

We will introduce the Parent Mentor activities in each area. Activities are implemented in many areas besides being shown here. We will introduce more in the future.

Aomori Prefecture

In Aomori Prefecture, we have been conducting parental mentor training sessions since 2010 and have continued the follow-up training since then. Since FY 2015, we have established a Parent Mentor group (32 mentors) in the Aomori Prefecture Autism Society. Currently, we have coordinators located in three prefecture areas and they are acting. Their main activities include individual consultation, group counseling, assistance with parental training, enlightenment activities (World Autism Awareness Day, and caravan activities) etc. We will continue to promote mentoring activities in cooperation with the Aomori Prefecture Development Support Center step.



In Adachi ward, we began Parent Mentor as a business of the ward since FY 2016. We have entrusted business with a cooperate organization organized by the ties of small parents’ associations, and are now operating. During the first year, we have characteristics of high rates in individual consultation, and the places of activities are spreading as a result of participation request to “developmental disability association meeting” of the Disabled Welfare Center and training for nursery teachers etc. We have also experienced educational training for elementary school teachers for the first time, and became able to feel the meaning of the activities and appreciation. In the next fiscal year, we would like to be able to incorporate meetings such as support book creation.

Osaka Prefecture

In Osaka Prefecture as part of the Osaka prefecture parent support project from FY 2014, we belong to the association of parents who are members of the Osaka prefecture developmental disability group network, and we are offering Parent Mentor training for parents who are recommended by belonging groups.
In addition, we have been conducting mentoring activities since FY 2015, and at the workshop for parents at the Child Development Center etc., we talk about experiences of child raising from the acceptance of disability till today and supports we have received so far.

Wakayama Prefecture

In Wakayama Prefecture, we have implemented a Parent Mentor training project from FY 2013 to FY 2015. We conduct prior training, basic course, follow-up course, and support book preparation lecture, and resource book preparation lecture, and we currently have 30 registrants. We established the Wakayama Parent Mentor Association in July FY 2014, and we divided the prefecture into three blocks. As activities, we conducted educational activities such as group consultation meetings, open seminars, parents’ meetings and supporters’ workshops. The characteristic of Wakayama Prefecture is that the “Wakayama Prefecture Consultation Support System Development Project Adviser” serves as the contact for this project, and that the privacy of individual mentors is being protected, and awe are able to raise the awareness through the mechanism of adviser activities and independence support councils, etc. The challenge is that there are blocks with a few mentors in a wide area, and training for new mentors is required.


Okayama Prefecture

In Okayama Prefecture, we conducted a Parent Mentor training course in FY 2012, and have been conducting parent mentor dispatching business since FY 2013. In response to requests from various support organizations and parents’ associations in Okayama Prefecture, mentors go to the site and are conduct activities. The main activities include talking about experiences and introducing self-made tools at tea meetings, awareness training, parent training, and support book creation courses. In addition, even in parent and child classrooms for infants and parents who are suspected of developmental disabilities, maternal and child health projects of cities and towns are carried out, and they are involved as senior guardians without naming they are a mentor.

Tottori Prefecture

Tottori Prefecture founded “Parent Mentor Tottori” in NPO Tottori Prefecture Autistic Association in FY 2011, and it has been coordinating with Tottori Prefecture Autism Association and conducted activities by locating coordinators.
Main activities include such as individual consultation, activities at the information exchange opportunities, training sessions at daycare centers and elementary and junior high schools, and assistance with parental training. We have been conducting consultation projects at medical institutions which began on a trial basis as consignment projects from the prefecture government since FY 2014.


Shimane Prefecture

In Shimane Prefecture, we have conducted Parent Mentor training sessions since FY 2011, and 19 mentors are currently active. In FY 2014, we established a Parent Mentor management committee and located a mentor coordinator, and we are planning to implement comfortable and safe Parent Mentor activities, and to enhance a support system for guardians of children with developmental disabilities. Mainly, we engage in activities such as participation in parents’ meetings, caravan group activities, parenting experiences and introducing supporting items at parental training.

Kagawa Prefecture

In Kagawa Prefecture, Parent Mentor activities are conducted with consignment from NPO Parent Mentor Kagawa and Kagawa Prefecture. In addition, it is the only group in Japan where it is deploying parent mentor activities in a NPO system, and our parent mentor activities are not limited only to developmental disorders but also working on corresponding parent mentor activities for various disorders called “Kagawa way”. Main activities focus on individual consultation, consultation activities in a cafe style (called “Paremen cafe”). We work in collaboration with various related organizations including local governments, child raising support organizations, NPOs, and parents’ meetings, and we are working on activities to increasing support possibilities of families with children with disabilities and developmental awareness, and broaden the base of those families with children.


Tokushima Prefecture

In Tokushima Prefecture, we conducted Parent Mentor training for the first time in FY 2010, and in the FY 2012, we established the Tokushima Parent Mentor Association, and conduct Parent Mentor activities. Main activities include introduction of support books and advice as senior guardians in short-term child support and parent training in Tokushima prefecture’s development support center, as well as group consultation conducted in various places in the prefecture. Also, we conduct educational activities through lectures at the Silver University in Tokushima Prefecture.


Yamaguchi Prefecture

In Yamaguchi Prefecture, we have conducted Parent Mentor training sessions since FY 2013 and mentors have started activities since 2014. We cooperate with backup agencies (such as child development support center etc.) in each area, and conduct activities that make use of the characteristics and needs of each area such as group consultation, tea meetings, and support book preparation with supporters. Also, in the workshop, mentors talk about parenting experiences and thoughts of their family, etc. as Parents Talk to supporters and local people.

Oita Prefecture

In Oita Prefecture, we have conducted parental mentor training sessions since 2015 for those who received recommendations from people belonging to parents’ meetings of each area, and 21 people have already completed the training. At the moment, the main activity is to participate in the parents’ meetings, and we would like to promote the enhancement of mentor activities in Oita Prefecture by coordinating with specialists of supporting developmental disability in Oita Prefecture, Home Start, and other consultation support specialist.

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